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Anping Great Wire Mesh Co., Ltd. is an expert in woven wire mesh, especially super fine filtration woven wire mesh or woven wire mesh in special alloy like Monel alloy, with over 80% of our products export to USA, Japan and Taiwan.

Woven wire mesh and wire cloth products offered by Great mainly cover Stainless Steel Wire Mesh (Square opening usually from 3mesh to 500mesh) and Stainless Steel Wire Cloth, Brass Wire Cloth (8mesh to 200mesh), Red Copper Wire Cloth (8mesh to 200mesh), Phosphor Bronze Wire Cloth (8mesh to 325mesh), Nickel Wire Mesh (20mesh to 200mesh), Titanium Wire Mesh (from 5mesh-50mesh), Monel Alloy Woven Wire Mesh and other special alloy woven wire mesh.

We usually refer to Monel alloy, Nickel alloy (CY20Ni80) or Zircon alloy (with copper) when we say special alloy wire mesh.

Alloy Wire Mesh Varieties: Click to see the material grade and chemical composition:

Nickel Alloy Wire Mesh
Titanium Wire Mesh
Steel Alloy Wire Mesh
Brass Alloy Wire Mesh
Other Alloy Wire Mesh:
MONEL and FERRY Ni-Cu alloy Wire Mesh
INCONEL Ni-Cr-Fe alloy Wire Mesh
INCOLOY Fe-Ni-Cr alloy Wire Mesh
NIMONIC Ni-Cr and Ni-Cr-Co alloy Wire Mesh
BRIGHTRAY Ni-Cr and Ni-Cr-Fe alloys Wire Mesh
NILO Ni-Fe alloy Wire Mesh







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